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January 22-23

For contact with the organizer, click on the above banner.
Place: Malmö Mässan


Your standspace includes
- Black carpet
- White walls, 2,5m height. Backwall and 1m against your neighbour.

You can order more furnitures and equipment to your stand.
Take a look in our webshop here on the left side.

Please note! Electrical outlets is not included in your stand and have to be ordered if you need it.
For ordinary electricity (10A-240V) choose art. no 18003. 
If you need electricity 24 hour (for example for a refrigerator or anything else that requires night power)
choose art.no 18005. Also keep in mind that electrical outlets must be ordered if you rent spotlights.

Goods and Forklift: Costs for unloading, loading and handling of your arriving and departing goods will be added according to the current tariff at MalmöMässan

Walls: After the exhibition the walls should be restored to original conditions, any damage will be charged the exhibitor

We have our own production of Graphic Products and can help you with signs, fabrics in frames, banners and similar products. See more information in the webshop below "Graphic Products".

Send in your order in good time and avoid any charge for late order. Last date is the 17th December.

Moving-in: Friday 21st january 08.00-20.00
Moving-out: Sunday 23rd january 16.30-20.00

Contactperson for Malmö Mäss-Service: 
Jörgen Jönsson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+46  40 642 99 25 Direct
+46  40 30 67 20 Office