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2021-10-14  --  2021-10-16

If you wish contact with the organizer, click on the above banner.
Place: Säve Depå. Holmvägen 100 på Hisingen, Gothenburg.

Order Tent, Carpet, FLoor, Flagpole, Wooden chips, Stone gravel, Cable sand in this order form.
Download here and send by mail
Don't forget to send us a drawing where you have marked place of electricity, tent etc.

In the webshop you can order other things for your stand, electricity, walls, furnitures.

Make sure to send the order in time to avoid extra charge for delay. LAST DATE IS THE 12th OF SEPTEMBER.

Please note that there are different prices for the items. Choose Entreprenad Live to get the right price.
The price include transport cost, assembly, dissambley and delivery to your place, thats why the price differences.

Carpet and floor must be ordered in the above order form. Carpets and floor in the webshop refer to trade fairs/events indoors at trade fair premises.

When you order electricity in the webshop, please choose those that are marked with 24 hours. At the Entreprenad Live the power is on around the clock.
If you order electrical outlets in our webshop the electricity will be connected on Wednesday the 13th of October
at 9 a.m. The electricity will be switched off on Saturday 16th of October at 6 p.m.

Walls for tents are available to a limited extent. Below "Walls profile parts" there is storage that can be rented and they fit in tents that are higher than 2m.
If you need other contruction, contact Li Mellberg for other solutions.

Conditions for renting material and furnitures is that it must be placed indoors in a tent.
Not intended for outdoor use other than plastic furnitures. Exhibitors who have rented material are responsible for keeping it covered in a tent until Malmö Mäss-Service collect the material after the fair. Loss or damaged material will be charged to the exhibitor.

Contactperson for Malmö Mäss-Service: 
Li Mellberg
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+46 40 642 99 25 Direct
+46 40 30 67 20 Office